2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Are you feeling stressed out because you haven’t found the perfect gift for everyone on your list? Then take a look at our holiday gift guide for everything from feel-good choices to tools to keep your family safe through the season and beyond.

Give a gift to feel good about
During the holidays, we usually focus on friends and family. But, this year, take some time to think about others who aren’t as privileged.

The World Vision gift catalogue makes it easy to find items that provide income or food security – like a beekeeping kit – and education to children and families in need around the globe.

With many items, your donation is multiplied up to seven times with support from government and corporate partners.


Shop local
If you’d like to support local businesses when shopping for the holidays this year, look no further than the One Red Maple app for your gifts. The app helps you find your favourite everyday items in locally owned stores, so you don’t have to turn to big box chains. They also have a browser plug-in that lets you shop any e-commerce site, and real-time price and product comparisons between chain and local stores.

Shopping locally keeps your money in your community and reduces your carbon footprint. A win-win for the holidays.


Eat well
While turkey usually takes centre stage for Christmas dinner, many appetizers and sides call for eggs, including classics like deviled eggs. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to reduce your carbon footprint, get an early head start by cooking with Burnbrae Farms’ Naturegg Solar Free Range eggs. These eggs are produced by free-range chickens in open-concept barns powered by solar energy.

Find more information, including recipes, on their website.


Test your home’s health
You could have dangerous levels of radon in your home and not know it. The odourless, radioactive gas is actually the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

There is a simple test kit that you leave in place for three months. With the windows closed for the season, winter is the perfect time to test for radon.

Give your family the gift of good health this year. Find testing kits and more information online.


Cozy up safely
With friends and family gathering over the holidays, it’s important to take steps to keep your home protected from the threats of smoke, fire and carbon monoxide (CO).

To share the benefits of having reliable protection at the ready, consider gifting smoke and CO alarms to your friends and family so they can easily install alarms on every level of their home, including the basement, and in every bedroom. Alarms with a 10-year sealed battery offer added convenience and peace of mind.


Build for the future
If celebrating next year’s holidays in your new dream home is on your personal wish list, one material to consider building with is insulated concrete forms (ICFs) such as Nudura. ICF walls and foundations are made with concrete sandwiched between two layers of insulation. When reinforced with steel rebar, ICF buildings are among the most disaster-resistant on the market. They’re also sustainable, energy efficient, and quiet and comfortable inside.


Make it meaningful
From dinners out with friends, holiday party snacks and the big feast on Christmas day, we tend to overeat at this time of year. Yet many children go hungry on a daily basis. Organizations like Canadian Feed The Children make it easy to share the bounty. Their gift catalog, for example, includes items like goats, which provide families with nutrition and a source of income. They also support educational opportunities for children in five different countries, including to Indigenous people in need in 30 communities across Canada.


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