Superheroes come in many different forms, and while we can imagine men and women swooping in to save the day, not all heroes wear capes. There are people in your own community who are working away quietly behind the scenes to make a better place to live.

If you want to make a difference in your neighbourhood, here are three easy things you can do this summer:

1. Volunteer: With community social groups, online fundraising campaigns and charitable initiatives everywhere you turn, the possibilities to volunteer your time or donate to a worthwhile cause are endless. Pick one that’s meaningful to you and think about how you can contribute.

2. Think green: Small-scale environmental initiatives that support your community can have a far-reaching impact beyond local borders. Consider ways you can lead or participate in recycling events and use recycled materials in programs that support the environment.

3. Encourage action: Look for revitalization programs already in place to see how your community can benefit. For example, the community renewal fund grant provided by Ontario Tire Stewardship turns recycled rubber from old tires into playgrounds and new public spaces. If your neighbourhood could use a refresh, let your local political representative know and find more information at