(NC) It’s hard not to feel the holiday spirit when the streets are lit up, families get together to share delicious meals and everybody is giving gifts. But what happens when the lights and decorations come down and the presents have been opened? Here are three ways to keep that holiday spirit alive even after the space under the tree is empty.

1. Stay together. It’s easy to forget to make time for the ones we love amidst our busy lives. But family gatherings don’t have to be reserved just for the holidays. Implement a Sunday family dinner or a Saturday family activity that you can all do together and keep celebrating each other all year round.

2. Keep on giving. Gifts are meant to show loved ones how much we care, so why not give gifts all year round? Through UNICEF’s 12 Months of Survival Gifts, you can show someone you’re thinking about them every month while helping save children’s lives. Visit shop.unicef.ca to see how you can give a gift in someone else’s name with life-saving items like clean water, vaccines and bed nets.

3. Volunteer. The holidays are a time to be grateful for all that we have. Keep that gratitude front and centre in your mind by volunteering for a local charity. When we spend time with those less fortunate than us we can’t help but be reminded of how lucky we are.