(NC) As winter weeks get busier, fitness resolutions often fade as quickly as memories of a restful holiday. But it’s important to take steps outside of the gym to sustain our fitness-focused goals. Gail Rampersaud, a registered dietitian, shares her top planning tips to keep up motivation.

1. Set it in stone. Plan your workouts in your agenda like you would work meetings, appointments, and evening events. Before the week begins, update your calendar with times and dates you’ll dedicate to fitness. By concretely adding it to your schedule, you’ll be more likely to stay committed and active.

2. Plan to plan. To make sure you have enough energy pre, post and during workout, it’s important to stay properly fueled and well-fed. But busy schedules can keep us from whipping together a nutrition-packed meal. Try planning meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks ( on a weekly basis. At the beginning of the week, determine your well-balanced recipes, shop for ingredients, prep where possible (chop vegetables, divide and cut meat, etc.), and re-organize your fridge and freezer using colour coded post-its, bags or Tupperware to identify which ingredients go with which meal.

3. Snack well. Between workouts and carefully planned meals, it can be tempting to reach for non-nutritious snacks or beverages. When these moments strike, be prepared by having nutrient-rich choices ready for the picking at your workplace or home. Rampersaud suggests having a daily glass of Florida orange juice to refresh your body after a long day or workout. Every glass has 100 per cent of our daily recommended vitamin C, without the added sugar. As a bonus, you’ll get potassium, folate and other nutrients that can help support the immune system.