(NC) For most people, fall means a sad goodbye to summer fun in the sun, but lawns rejoice at this time of year. This season is literally a breath of fresh air for your lawn as it typically brings lower than average temperatures and increased moisture levels, allowing your lawn to recuperate from summer damage.

“Unrelenting heat and a lack of persistent moisture put strain on your lawn and can even turn grass dry, yellow, and dead-looking,” says John Ladds, lawn expert and operations manager at Weed Man Canada. “Sometimes following a particularly hot and dry summer, lawns can undergo a sort of forced dormancy, essentially entering survival mode.”

Fortunately, Ladds says the situation isn’t as dire as it looks. “Your lawn is just conserving water where it needs it the most, in the roots, and it just needs a little coaxing to get back on track.”

Regardless of the damage, he recommends the fall season as the ideal time for scheduling in some revitalizing lawn services to help your greenery prepare for winter.

1. Fertilizing. The cooler temperatures mean that your lawn’s top growth has slowed while the roots are still thriving — and hungry. Fertilizing at this time ensures that your lawn will benefit from an infusion of nutrients.

2. Aerating. Over the summer, there was likely an increase in foot traffic on your lawn, which ultimately compacts the soil and restricts the supply of oxygen, water, and nutrients. Aeration punches holes deep into your lawn, loosening compacted soil, increasing light and air circulation, and improving roots’ access to water, nutrients, and grass seed.

3. Over-seeding. Useful not just for bald patches, but for well-established lawns that need some extra thickness and lushness. Over-seeding can also be useful for preventing weeds from invading thin areas.

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