When it comes to spring cleaning, don’t forget your vehicle — it is responsible for safely transporting you and your family around. Here are four things to remember when tuning it up this season:

1. Change your engine air filter. Did you know an engine air filter change is just as important as an oil change? An engine air filter helps keep your vehicle in top shape by removing dirt and contaminants from the air before they reach the engine. Replacing a clogged air filter can increase horsepower and maximize air flow for better engine performance. A FRAM Extra Guard engine air filter lets through two times less dirt than the average of leading standard retail brands.

2. Swap out your winter tires. With constantly fluctuating temperatures and different weather across Canada, it can be hard knowing when winter is out for good. But most experts recommend that you wait for 10 days of positive temperatures before making the switch. Just don’t keep your winter tires on too long — the extra wear and tear can affect their lifespan.

3. Remember not all oil filters provide the same protection. FRAM Ultra Synthetic oil filters are designed for extended oil changes and are the perfect complement with synthetic oil. They have a dual layer media plus a metal screen reinforcement to provide 99 per cent filtration efficiency and engine protection for up to 24,000 km.

4. Give it a facelift. After a long winter, your vehicle could probably use a thorough scrubbing down. Using a product made specifically for automobiles, wash your car from top to bottom. Don’t forget to clean the wiper blades, tires and hub caps, replacing if necessary.