(NC) All drivers need auto insurance and many know the common tips for saving money on your premium, like bundling home and auto policies, keeping your driving record clean, and installing winter tires. But here are five secret ways to save you may not know about:

1. Smarty pants discount. Are you a bright college or university student? You may qualify for a “Good Student Discount.” That’s right — some insurance companies will cut you a break for hitting the books. Depending on the provider, certain averages will need to be maintained. Those late nights in the library could pay off sooner than expected.

2. Private parking discount. If you have access to a private garage, your ride is less likely to be damaged. This means you may qualify for a discount on your premium.

3. Empty nester bonus. Enjoy more than a little peace and quiet when your kids have left the nest. If your son or daughter isn’t a full-time driver on one of your vehicles, ask your broker about the “Student Away from Home” discount.

4. Brush up on your skills. Even if you already passed driving school, honing your expertise is never a bad thing, especially when some insurers offer discounts for drivers who have recently completed a safe driving course. So ask your broker if they’ll recognize your newly polished road skills.

5. Shop around. Sure, it’s easy to just renew your policy, but shopping around isn’t just for the first time you take out insurance. If you don’t compare, you’ll never know if you could be saving. So at least once a year, take a few minutes to check out your options on a price comparison site like LowestRates. Who knew that shopping could actually save you money?

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