(NC) No matter whether you’re hitting the road for a cottage weekend or jet setting overseas, a few quick and simple enhancements to your packing list will pump up the experience without adding weight to your bag.

Let the music play – No trip is complete without its own soundtrack to help make the experience more memorable. If you’re travelling by car bring an adaptor or a mini dock to create a fun atmosphere wherever you go. Create playlists using Spotify or Apple Music and download it to your phone so you can play regardless of the status of Wi-Fi.

Stay fresh – It sounds like a no brainer, but when travelling long distances, especially by air, you’ll want to feel fresh throughout the journey. Travel kits with deodorant, face wipes, hand sanitizer, and a breath freshener of some sort will keep you feeling your best. Keep packs of new Excel Naturally Sweetened gum in your bag or purse for the perfect fresh breath boost without sugar substitutes, artificial sweeteners and artificial colours.

Curb hunger – Don’t let hunger slow down your travels. Keep non-perishable snack sized items on hand like granola bars or trail mix. It may help during a flight delay or to power through long drives.

Battle boredom – If you aren’t busy taking in the sights, maximize your time by enjoying a book you’ve always wanted to read. If you have trouble selecting your next text, check out a recommended reading list such as www.cbc.ca/books/books100.html.

Try journaling – A journal can become one of your most treasured souvenirs after travelling. Put pen to paper during downtimes and chronicle some of your favourite experiences including recommendations for friends planning similar trips.

Jillian Harris is an interior decorator and host of Love It or List It Vancouver.