(NC) It turns out that seeing others do good helps inspire us to pay it forward. Show your thanks for what you have by giving back this season through one of these five simple ways to make a difference.

1. Give a charitable gift. The Canadian Red Cross has a variety of options available for your donation, like family groceries. Healthy, nutritious food is always a welcome relief for anyone recovering from a personal disaster like a flood or house fire.

2. Volunteer your time at an organization that you care about.

3. While doing your grocery shopping, pick up extra items that can be donated to a local food bank. Proteins and healthy grains are most needed. Or pick up feminine hygiene products to give to a women’s shelter — essential items that are often forgotten about.

4. Spread the cheer and visit a retirement home to spend quality time with residents.

5. Take your family caroling in the community and make sure to visit any neighbours who may not be spending time with family and friends this season.