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For more than forty years, Fifth Story has been dedicated to crafting quality content on behalf of our clients and delivering it to millions of readers, listeners and viewers through thousands of Canadian media outlets. The Canadian media trust and use Fifth Story’s fresh, copyright-free articles, radio spots and video segments as their own.

Dedicated to crafting quality content.

Recognizing the impact of this content, we proudly launched For Your Life in 2008 to share this collection of content directly with Canadians. For Your Life is a Canadian website designed to enrich the lives of its users with informative lifestyle content and compelling stories.

As part of the NCI family, For Your Life, alongside Fifth Story, Agency 5s, and News Canada, continues to offer engaging content to diverse audiences across multiple channels, ensuring maximum impact for our clients.​

Fifth Story Elevate your content . W specialize in bringing brand stories to life across earned media channels and platforms. We’ve built our reputation over 40 years by delivering editorial content marketing solutions that appeal to media and consumers alike.

Creative Solutions Agency

Your resource for free, high-quality lifestyle content: Copyright-free articles, radio spots and videos

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Group Publisher, Victoria Procunier
Email: info[at]foryourlife.ca
Phone: (416) 599-9900

Address: News Canada
509-920 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M4W 3C7

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