(NC) If the blockbuster hit movie The Fate of the Furious has you aspiring to be a race car driver and mechanic, you can get one step closer to your goal by learning how to change your own oil.

First, remember that synthetic oil is a better choice to protect your engine, especially if you’re making short trips and do lots of stop and go driving. The oil is easy to change if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in the service manual and make sure you use jack stands if the car needs to be raised. The engine should be warm but not too hot! Drain the oil into pan – used oil can be dropped off at any oil retailer. Remove and replace the filter next. Once the oil is drained, locate the oil cap on top of the engine and fill with synthetic oil to the manufacturer’s specification. Here are three things you need to know about synthetic motor oil to help care for your car.

Key benefits: The summer heat can really fry your engine, and synthetic oil protects better in extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) than conventional oils. It provides safeguards against wear so you can keep your car longer.

Older cars: Synthetic motor oils are an excellent choice for cars of any age because they are beneficial for the engine’s good health, long life and top performance.

Making the switch: If you’re currently using conventional oil, you can switch to synthetic because it’s fully compatible. Switching won’t void your car’s warranty as long as the synthetic oil meets the viscosity and performance requirements, but this likely won’t be a concern as the new oils are formulated to meet and in many cases exceed manufacturer specifications. Consider choosing products in the Castrol Edge line, which offers better performance reduces metal-to-metal contact, is stronger against viscosity breakdown, and decreases engine deposit formation.

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