(NC) Outdoor renovation projects are a major trend during the summer across the country. But whether you’re upgrading your home or cottage, remember to make safety your number one priority.

If you’re planning to build a new balcony, deck, swimming pool or other permanent structure on your property, look for electricity infrastructure that may be close by and plan accordingly. Electricity infrastructure can include overhead or underground wires and pad mount transformers.

All power lines have setback restrictions that identify how closely you can safely build near them. Not following these restrictions can result in danger to you, your contractor or power line workers in the future. You can find the specific requirements for setbacks and minimum clearances for building near power lines in safety regulations like the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, the Ontario Building Code and Hydro One Distribution Standards.

When submitting a building plan to your local municipality for approval, be sure to include the locations of overhead power lines on or close to your property; any buildings, overhangs, swimming pools, antennas, flag poles or any other permanent above-ground structures in proximity to power lines; and any padmount transformers or underground cables.

Remember to always call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 before you dig. Find more information on building near power lines at www.hydroone.com.