Canadian-themed gift ideas and tips for sending parcels abroad

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Home and Living

Do you have family or friends who live in another country? Mailing gifts is a common way to celebrate milestones with loved ones far away, or to maintain connections and share a part of the place you call home. Sending something uniquely Canadian is a fun way to include them in your life.

Here are some Canada-themed gift ideas and tips to consider before assembling the items.

Share Canadian art

  • Soapstone carving
  • Print or postcard of a classic painting by Norval Morrisseau or the Group of Seven
  • Professional photograph of majestic moose, polar bears, grizzly bear and beavers
  • A streaming playlist of Canadian music, television and movies

Represent Canada on their sleeve

  • Hockey jersey or fan apparel
  • A cozy toque
  • Canadian clothing brands that may not be available overseas
  • Authentic moccasin slippers

Feed them uniquely Canadian snacks

  • Canadian all-dressed or ketchup-flavoured chips
  • A recipe for butter tarts
  • Ice wine or rye whiskey
  • Maple syrup, cookies, tea or candies

Before you send your gift:

  1. Double-check shipping prices to avoid surprise sticker shock after you assemble the package.
  2. Check the import rules of the country you’re mailing it to, to make sure your gift gets through customs. For example, many food, plant and animal products are prohibited or tightly regulated to prevent diseases from entering the country.

If your giftee is planning to mail something back to you, remind them Canada also has import regulations. For example, they can’t send pork products. That’s because there’s a chance it could bring a pig disease called African swine fever to Canada. It doesn’t infect humans but is contagious and deadly for pigs. If ASF were to spread in to Canada, it could kill many pigs and damage farmers’ livelihoods.

Find more information about African swine fever at

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