As Father’s Day approaches this June, we remember all the love and support our dads and grandfathers have shown us throughout our lives. For many of us, fathers and grandfathers are our primary caregivers. In sub Saharan African countries like Uganda, many children have lost one or both parents to the AIDS epidemic. As a result, they have relied on the support of their fathers and grandfathers to care for them.

One such person is Sarah, a law student at Uganda Christian University. Sarah grew up with her parents and three siblings, but when she was eight years old her mother passed away. Just two years later, Sarah’s father died from complications relating to the AIDS virus.

Sarah went to live with her grandfather who loved and cared for her. He had no formal education, but knew the importance of seeing his granddaughter get one. He strived to generate enough funds for her to complete primary and secondary schooling. He worked very hard and eventually raised enough money to send Sarah to school up until grade 11. He did not have enough money to support her during her last year of high school.

Fortunately, Sarah was selected for a scholarship to take her through her final year. And after that generous donors from Beautiful World, a Canadian charity, stepped in to sponsor Sarah. Sarah will soon become the first in her family to graduate from higher education.

Since starting university, Sarah continues to succeed in all her courses. She recognizes the sacrifices others have made on her behalf. Sarah describes her grandfather as her best friend and confidant; he was the person who first believed she could succeed academically. He always tells her: “You need to stay focused, you need to set targets, you need to know what you want in life and you will be good to go.” Throughout her academic career, Sarah strives to work hard and succeed.

Beautiful World is a non-profit charitable organization located in Toronto, Ontario. With a belief that hope begins with education, the organization supports young women living in poverty in Uganda, Rwanda and Sierra Leone with the potential and desire to pursue higher education. Their scholarships provide everything students need to succeed in school, allowing them to focus entirely on their studies instead of worrying about basic survival. Equipped with the knowledge and experience gained through education, these young women graduate with the potential to spread hope to others in their community.

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