(NC) Savvy homeowners are looking to cash in on the booming seller’s market, with the average price for a house up from last year and the volume of sales hitting an all-time record. But what decision is best for you — staying nearby or leaving town, choosing a condo or a smaller single-family home?

An attractive option to consider is land leasing. If you’re looking to unlock the money tied up in your current house, or to purchase a new home without a big capital investment, land lease allows you to purchase the home and lease the land it sits on.

Wondering if land leasing is the right choice for your lifestyle? Check out some benefits of the surprising new trend.

Superior shared amenities. Indulge in condo-like facilities such as pools, fitness centres, organized fitness classes, golf courses and tennis courts. But unlike renting an apartment or buying into the politics of condo living, you get your own home with your own yard and can rely on community managers to supervise the day-to-day needs of the community.

Attainable housing solution. Whether you’re looking for a retirement, family or vacation home, a reputable land leasing company will combine a high-quality product with an attainable cost. Parkbridge communities feature layouts that are beautiful yet functional while offering homeowners affordability.

Lifestyle flexibility. Downsize your life and upsize your lifestyle with perks like snow shoveling, lawn care, home watch security, mail collection and other home maintenance tasks. These services mean greater security and free up your time and money, letting you travel with peace of mind or contribute more to your monthly savings.

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