(NC) Granola bars are staples in many families’ pantries. While they make the perfect on-the-go snack, granola bars can also be the foundation for some simple and delicious treats. Here are some ideas courtesy of Great Value Chocolate Chip Granola Bars, which are peanut-free and contain no artificial colours or preservatives, for the next time you need a quick bite:

Granola bar parfaits: Layer yogurt, berries, and broken up granola bar pieces for a treat that will rival any ice cream sundae.

Open-face granola bar-wiches: Top granola bars with your favourite spreads and fruits. Think peanut butter or no-nut butter and banana, chocolate-hazelnut spread and berries, or cream cheese and apple slices.

Granola bar-chip cookies: Chop up granola bars into bite-sized pieces and use in place of chocolate chips in a favourite cookie recipe.

Trail mix: Chop up granola bars and mix with your favourite ingredients, such as almonds, pretzels, or cereal.