(NC) Even if you’re doing your best to eat healthy, you may wonder if you need to boost your diet with a vitamin or mineral. Although most people who follow Canada’s food guide receive enough nutrients, some of us would benefit from a supplement.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Prevention in Hand website offers one-stop-shopping for current information from numerous healthcare organizations to support your individual wellness, healthy lifestyles and the prevention of chronic diseases. Here is what their sources say about vitamin supplements.

Potential moms. Health Canada recommends that all women who could get pregnant take a daily supplement. Two nutrients essential for a healthy pregnancy and baby are 0.4 milligrams of folic acid and 16 to 20 milligrams of iron daily. Talk to your healthcare professional to confirm what’s right for you.

Boosts for boomers. Many Canadians don’t get enough natural vitamin D, which mostly comes from sunlight. This vitamin is important for bone strength and we need more of it after 50, so it’s a smart idea for older adults to add a supplement. Vitamin B12 is another one to consider, as it may not be absorbed as well by those over 50. Try a supplement or fortified food to ensure red blood cell production and normal nerve function.

Animal lovers. If you choose a restricted diet you need to make sure you are still getting enough of what your body needs to function well. Healthy vegetarians can normally meet most of their nutritional needs through food but may need an iron supplement. Vegans follow a more restricted diet by eliminating all animal products, and require extra vitamin B12, either through a supplement or fortified foods.

Little ones. Infants would benefit from a vitamin D supplement to ensure they can absorb calcium correctly. Depending on any health conditions and other factors, some kids may need to supplement their diet with vitamins or minerals. Ask your healthcare provider to find out what’s right for your children.

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