Today, most of us see several health professionals in various settings such as hospitals, community health centres and clinics. We may be dealing with many healthcare issues or chronic diseases that need expert treatment from a variety of professionals.

For example, someone suffering from a heart condition or diabetes would likely receive health services from a medical doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist, a podiatrist and an optometrist. They might also see a dietitian. And how about the regulated health professionals behind the scenes, like medical laboratory technicians? As a consumer of health services in Ontario, you have a right to information about your healthcare team —but where can you find this information?

All regulated health professions in Ontario are monitored by health colleges who set and enforce standards for safe, ethical and competent healthcare in Ontario. Each college has a website where you can access a register or the list of professionals they oversee. For example, dietitians are registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. You can access their register from this website where you will find a dietitian’s contact information, the language of their practice and whether any disciplinary action was ever taken against them.

Like other health colleges in Ontario, the College of Dietitians of Ontario supports inter-professional health care. This kind of healthcare makes more efficient use of the expertise and competence of health professionals in Ontario. Regulated health professionals working together increase public access to healthcare and leads to the safest health outcomes for all clients.

Together, Ontario health colleges have created a website where you can easily find information about the health professionals that care for you and your family. All regulated health professions are listed at