With chillier weather already here and the holidays around the corner, it’s time to shift your winter preparation into full gear. Here’s how to ready your home, car and wardrobe.

Don’t put off necessary purchases. Do you or your kids need new winter boots, coats or gloves? These seasonal items tend to be available in stores early, and the best selection may be gone when the worst weather hits. Don’t forget to stock up on essentials and keep an emergency kit filled with three days’ worth of supplies for each person in your home, just in case a storm hits.

Protect your vehicle. Check your engine’s antifreeze/coolant condition and the level in the reservoir tank. Even if you’re not due for cooling system service, the fluid may need to be topped up for adequate freeze prevention. Protect your vehicle with Prestone’s antifreeze/coolant, which is guaranteed for all vehicles to guard against extreme temperatures and stop the spread of rust and corrosion that can cause overheating and breakdowns.

Prep your home. Seal up cracks in windows and doorframes to keep the heat inside and lower your energy bills. Cover air conditioning units, barbecues and outside furniture to protect them from the cold and UV damage, which is still possible during winter months. Clear out your gutters to prevent leaks and damage to the foundation.

Equip for snow. When the temperatures hit 7°C, it’s time to switch to winter tires that provide better traction. Waiting until the first snow storm can cause stress and delayed service due to high demand. Before driving following a snowfall, be sure to clear all the snow off your entire vehicle, including headlights, taillights, hood, trunk and the top of your car. Snow blowing off your vehicle could reduce visibility for the drivers behind you.

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