(NC) With winter looming around the corner, it’s easy to skip steps to quickly finish outdoor jobs before the cold moves in. But digging without knowing what’s underground could hurt you or others and leave you with expensive restoration costs and potential legal action. For example, did you know that there’s an underground network of pipelines and cables just beneath your feet?

Before you put your shovel in the ground, don’t forget that you must call or click before you dig.

Whether you’re digging by hand or excavating with machinery, it’s the law for homeowners and contractors to contact Ontario One Call to ensure all buried natural gas lines are located before breaking ground. Line location personnel use special equipment to locate underground utilities for you on behalf of its member utilities.

This is a free service that will help you protect yourself and others from unnecessary damage. Be sure to contact Ontario One Call at least one week before you start work digging at on1call.com or 1-800-400-2255.

Find more information online at enbridgegas.com/callbeforeyoudig.