(NC) Holiday feast hosts know that it takes military precision to ensure that the multitude of dishes arrive at the table piping hot. It’s not an easy feat to pull off. This holiday, give yourself a break (and free up the oven) by making use of your backyard grill to prepare your show-stopping turkey or roast.

According to celebrity chef and former host of Licence to Grill Rob Rainford, the unique and robust flavours produced during the winter in particular are accentuated by outdoor grilling. And using a natural gas barbecue yields better results than propane grills, which require plenty of fuel to maintain consistent temperatures for slow roasting. Just turn the knob up or down to control the heat distribution to ensure the meat cooks evenly. You also don’t have to worry about fidgeting with coals or the unpredictable hot spots of charcoal grills.

“The holidays-—are the perfect time for at-home cooks to shine,” says Chef Rainford. “Why not add some dazzle to your table by pairing the grill’s smoky flavours with your family’s traditional recipes?”

Chef Rainford’s rustic winter recipes, perfect for an everyday meal or a holiday table and more, are featured on www.clearnandaffordable.ca, along with tips on how to get the most out of your barbecue season.

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