(NC) Surprise your friends and family with gifts under the tree that will help them save money and electricity. Here are 10 energy-conscious gift ideas:

1. A laptop to replace a desktop computer. Laptops use substantially less energy than desktops.

2. Low-flow shower head or faucet aerator to reduce hot water usage.

3. Laundry drying rack.

4. Plugs for unused electrical outlets. Up to 20 per cent of the air leakage in your home can happen through outlets.

5. An upgraded gaming system — new systems use less energy than older models.

6. Programmable or smart thermostat to control the temperature at different times of the day.

7. Thermal leak detector to help find and fix air leaks.

8. Charging station for phones and tablets that automatically turns off when devices are finished charging.

9. LED nightlight to plug in when guests visit instead of leaving lights turned on.

10. Cozy blanket to curl under on cold days instead of turning up the heat.

Find more ways to save energy at www.hydroone.com/saveenergy.

Attention editors: This article is for distribution in Ontario only.