(NC) An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure goes the wise old maxim – and many say that type of proactivity also works wonders for keeping our prized vehicles in top shape.

Auto experts agree, pointing out that when a little tough love is applied regularly in just the right places, drivers are reducing the number of times their vehicles are serviced. Fewer servicing trips are a promise of less disruption to our daily routines – and less servicing, of course, will keep more money in our pockets.

“The regular oil change is a good example of preventive care,” says Gary Bilski, chief engineer at Fram, a leading brand in oil and air filters. “All of us are aware of the ‘manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules, so if your intention is to get the most out of today’s extended oil-change interval be sure to use a quality filter so you can drive with cleaner oil for more kilometers. Our innovative Fram Tough Guard oil filter, for example, is a top-seller with us, due to its advanced dirt-trapping efficiency.”

Why is attention to the oil so important, drivers ask?

Oil can become saturated with combustion by-products, mechanics point out, potentially creating sludge buildup and harmful, heat-produced varnish. Periodic oil changes, therefore, plus replacement filters, will clean up those conditions and prolong the engine life.

Quick tips in tough conditions

“Stop and go traffic, extreme weather, and towing are also hard on the engine oil,” Bilski adds. “At Fram, we engineered the Tough Guard oil filter to deal with the times when drivers must push their vehicles through tough conditions. Instead of using only standard cellulose media, we added microscopic synthetic fibers – and along with extra pleats, this filter traps even the smallest dirt particles without affecting the flow of oil. Blending synthetic fibers with cellulose increases the dirt-trapping efficiency to remove 99 per cent of contaminants (for particles greater than 20 microns) as shown in standardized industry testing. This combination maintains high dirt holding capacity, all of which delivers a higher level of engine protection and a longer life for the filter.”

No matter how often you drive in demanding circumstances, remember that stop-and-go traffic, towing another car, and extreme weather conditions, put extra stress on your vehicle and engine and as such, oil and filter change should be performed at the severe/special duty cycle. That means your maintenance services will be slated more often than a normal schedule recommends. Also, do make sure all fluid levels are checked regularly, says Bilski.