(NC) Forget the neckties, socks and wristwatches this Father’s Day. Instead, give your dad or husband the trendiest tech toy on the block – one that will make him feel like a kid again.

Just in time for Father’s Day, LG has launched its latest phone, the G5, and the first reactions show it is just as much fun as it is functional. For the first time ever, consumers can customize their smartphones well beyond calling, texting, and surfing the Internet. Now you can enhance your experience with modular or connected accessories.

For all of the different types of dads out there, here are the latest add-ons:

The Shutterbug Dad: For those who like the convenience of a mobile phone but want the function of a DSLR camera, the plug-in camera grip is perfect. Simply transform the smartphone with the Cam Plus add-on which includes dedicated shutter and video buttons, zoom dial and a comfortable hand grip. Now, it’s a cinch to take one-handed photos and videos on the fly. It also offers an embedded 1,200 mAh battery that allows dad to take hundreds of additional pictures without drawing on the phone’s power.

The Active or Travelling Man: Capture life’s most invigorating experiences, memorable moments, and favourite locations with the compact, spherical 360 camera. Connect the camera to the G5 phone and take stunning photos and pristine 2K videos of the entire surrounding – not specific scenes. Taken from your dad’s perspective at the centre of the action, the 360 camera shows entire environments thanks to the dual wide-angle 13 mega-pixel lens that captures all the action.

The Tech-forward Dad: Virtual reality has never been so portable or convenient to use with a smartphone. The 360 VR headset plunges the user into the world of 360 degree videos and 3D games in a super light and compact design. Easily controlled by the phone or onboard buttons, the headset offers crystal clear images and allows users to view content as if watching a 130-inch display from only 2 meters away.

More information is available at LG.com.