(NC) With newly designed tax benefits correspondence from the Canada Revenue Agency, it’s now easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. Now, all the information you need is all on the first page.

As part of an initiative to improve the way it serves and communicates with Canadians, the CRA made changes to the readability, design and accessibility of its correspondence in both paper and electronic formats. The new correspondence was also tested with real Canadians to make sure that the design was functional and that the message was clear.

In July 2016, the CRA started sending its simplified notices for the Canada child benefit and the goods and sales tax/harmonized sales tax credit. Each piece of benefit correspondence provides specific information on your tax situation, including your tax obligations and personalized benefit information. The most important information is clearly set out with the account summary displayed on the first page. The simplified text makes it easier to understand why you received the correspondence, and what action, if any, is required.

The CRA’s online services are also simplifying things, with a self-service portal that includes direct deposit options and assistance for people with hearing or visual impairments. There is even a MyBenefits CRA App.

Whether you apply for, receive, or owe money related to your benefits notices, the important information is now easier to find and understand. Keep an eye out for more changes to your notices in the next few months.

Learn more about changes to CRA correspondence at www.cra.gc.ca/noticesandletters.