If you’re looking for a new doctor, what’s the first thing you do? Likely, it’s research and checking to see if they’re legally able to practise. So why should looking for an early childhood educator or ECE be any different? After all, this person works closely with your child, often on a daily basis.

Fortunately, you can find information about an ECE in Ontario by using the College of Early Childhood Educators’ online public register. Created as part of its responsibility to protect the public interest, the College’s register allows anyone including parents, employers and even members themselves to access information about anyone who is a member or was a member of the College.

The register gives you information including the member’s name, registration number and status, and when their Certificate of Registration was issued. It also shows important information like limitations on the ability to practise, disciplinary actions and pending discipline proceedings.

Registered early childhood educators, are trained, qualified and accountable. An RECE understands child development, plans programs for learning through play, is responsive to children’s needs, and more.

Checking the register is the only guaranteed way to make sure someone is registered with the College. The best part is that the register is updated in real-time so it reflects the most current information. And since it’s online, you can check it anytime, anywhere.

You can check the register yourself online at college-ece.ca/publicregister.