Getting sick in the summertime is a nightmare, especially when you have travel plans or need to start back-to-school shopping. While falling sick will never be convenient, there’s now a more convenient way to start feeling better.


Pharmacists have recently started expanding their services to include care plans and medication assessments, administration of injections and prescribing. They can work closely with your healthcare team to help you understand your condition and treatment options.


Suffering from allergies, cold sores or asthma? Pharmacists with the Additional Prescribing Authorization designation can assess many common ailments and monitor chronic health conditions like hypertension and diabetes.


“Many of our customers aren’t aware there are pharmacists at our store who have gone through training to offer more convenient services,” explains Ashley Davidson, a pharmacist-owner of a local Shoppers Drug Mart. “This means your pharmacist can assess your symptoms and relevant medical history, and, if appropriate, write a prescription on the spot, saving you time and helping you feel better faster.”


Pharmacists are conveniently located and often have extended hours, with some available 24 hours to provide access to trusted health advice whenever it’s needed.


You’ll receive a collaborative and personal experience with a dedicated pharmacist providing a treatment plan for you based on an assessment. They will follow up to see how you’re doing and inform your regular doctor of any prescription changes to make sure your records are complete.