(NC) With weather forecasts calling for one of the colder seasons we’ve seen in recent years, it’s time to embrace the classic winters reminiscent of our childhoods. Snuggle up to winter and welcome the snow with these tips for enjoying the frost.

Stockpile cozy essentials. Amp up the nostalgia factor with accessories like fuzzy slippers, candles, blankets, and fun mugs. Have firewood on hand for the hearth, as well as marshmallows for a delicious hot chocolate. Don’t forget to keep a well-stocked emergency kit filled with three days’ worth of supplies for each person in your home in case a storm hits.

Shovel wisely. Before you start shoveling away at a driveway packed with snow and ice, take some precautions to make this workout easier on your back. Stretch beforehand, choose an ergonomic shovel, lift with your knees (not your back), and take frequent breaks to give your muscles a rest.

Protect your vehicle. Especially important in winter, check your engine antifreeze/coolant condition and level in the coolant reservoir tank. Even if you’re not due for a cooling system service, fluid levels may require topping up to ensure adequate freeze protection. Protect your vehicle with Prestone antifreeze/coolant, which is guaranteed for all vehicles to guard against temperature extremes and stops the spread of rust and corrosion for all cooling system metals.

Prep your home. Seal up cracks in windows and doorframes to keep the heat inside and lower your energy bills. Cover exposed pipes with insulation sleeves to keep them from freezing and clear out your gutters to prevent leaks and damage to the foundation. Inside, remember to keep an eye on lit candles and the fireplace.

Drive with caution. When the temperatures hit 7°C, it’s time to switch to winter tires, which provide better traction. Snow blowing off your vehicle could reduce visibility for the drivers behind you. For quick and easy clearing, start your vehicle and turn on the front and rear defrosters. Clear the snow off your entire vehicle including headlights, taillights, hood, trunk, and the top of your car. Always maintain a safe, generous distance between vehicles and check the weather forecast to avoid driving during storms whenever possible.

Dress for success. Layers are key for staying warm in the harsh weather outside and comfortable in the heated indoors. Pay extra attention to bundling up extremities, which are most vulnerable to frost bite.