(NC) Don’t let living on a budget hold you back from enjoying a few luxuries now and then. Check out these three tips for living large without shelling out that much cash:

  1. Rent a castle on Airbnb. Whether you’re in Italy, Ireland, England, Scotland, France, or California, there are more castle options to choose from on Airbnb than you would think. Sleep like royalty, and, as a bonus, get amazing grounds for exploration.
  2. Rent a designer outfit. Most of us wince at the price tag of couture clothing, especially considering how many times you would really wear it. Now you don’t really have to stress about the price. Designer dresses, accessories and other fashion items you idolize on the runway are easily available for rent for any occasion, and you’ll still wear them about as often as the people who own them.
  3. Use a big data, low cost cellphone plan. There’s nothing more dreaded than when you get a notification that you’ve maxed out your data for the month, especially when there’s a week or more left to go until the next cycle. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice luxury for affordability — Freedom Mobile’s Big Gig plan provides 10GB of fast LTE data for only $50 a month.