(NC) You may have heard how vaping is the ‘safe’ version of smoking. For smokers who switch completely to vaping, it is indeed less harmful than smoking, as vaping exposes users to a small fraction of the toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

There’s also the factor that for second-hand exposure, vaping devices only put out emissions when they’re activated for a puff, whereas cigarettes constantly burn and put out side-stream smoke.

While quitting smoking can be difficult, it is possible, and help is available. Because vaping delivers nicotine in a less harmful way than smoking, smokers may want to consider replacing their cigarettes with vaping. Switching completely will reduce their exposure to the cancer-causing chemicals contained in tobacco smoke. And, there are short-term general health improvements if smokers completely switch from smoking to vaping.

A word of caution – vaping is not for youth and non-smokers. Because vaping still exposes users to harmful chemicals, it’s best to prevent its uptake and stay smoke- and vape-free! In the end, if you don’t smoke; don’t vape.

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