(NC) With more drivers on the road driving older vehicles, your engine may need extra care. According to an annual survey from DesRosiers Automotive consultants, the average age for Canadian vehicles is almost 13 years old, yet many of us don’t realize that as our vehicle gets older, it might require different products to protect the engine properly. If you’ve noticed that your odometer shows a lot of kilometres, use the tips below to help make sure your car is still driving in tip-top shape:

• When your car has surpassed 120,000 km, consider making the switch to Quaker State High Mileage motor oil. It helps reduce wear and helps keeps seals pliable with active seal conditioning agents that prevent leaks and oil loss.

• Is your car making some unfamiliar noises? Dashboard flashing colorful lights? Not performing like it used to? It might be time to check under the hood. Oil lubricates your engine, and without it the engine parts will begin to rub and grind, creating unpleasant noises and reducing vehicle performance. To help maintain a well-lubricated car engine, make sure you are up to date on your vehicle’s recommended oil changes and pay attention to the signs your car gives you.

• Old cars just need a little more love. If 120,000 km was a number on your odometer a while ago, you are no stranger to the phrase “high-mileage.” Older cars tend to use up more oil than their newer counterparts, and the engine could need more of it to ensure your car is running smoothly. A simple way to check if you need to top up on motor oil is by inspecting the oil fluid level of your engine by using the engine oil dipstick. Before checking your dipstick, make sure your vehicle is off and cooled down for safety and to get a proper reading. Make sure you keep up with your oil maintenance, and you will continue driving into the sunset.

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