More of us are receiving massage therapy treatment as part of our healthcare regimen, says a recent report by the Fraser Institute. As more of us book this treatment, we need assurance that we will continue receiving quality, safe and ethical care.

But with access to unlimited information in this digital age, how can you make sure the person you book a massage with is a qualified healthcare professional?

The best way to access reliable information about your healthcare provider is to check their health regulators’ public registers. For example, for massage therapists, you can visit the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario’s public register to:

  1. Verify that a practitioner is registered and allowed to practice in Ontario as a massage therapist.
  2. Find a massage therapist’s practice location and contact information.
  3. Check if a massage therapist has a conduct history.
  4. See which languages a massage therapist speaks.

“Finding the right healthcare providers for ourselves and our loved ones is an extremely important task. Our public register offers reliable information that empowers Ontarians to make informed decisions about their massage therapy treatment without having to worry about whether or not the information comes from a trustworthy source,” says Corinne Flitton, Registrar & CEO of CMTO.

So, the next time that you are thinking of booking a massage, don’t forget to look before you book. Find more information at