Canadians face some of the worst traffic congestion in North America, with Toronto, Montreal, St. John’s and Ottawa topping the list for most congested cities in the country according to a recent global report.

Drivers in Montreal spend an average of 50 hours per year in traffic, while those in Toronto waste away 47 hours. But what can you do to avoid traffic congestion? Here are some tips to get you off the gridlock and at your destination:

  1. Keep your car in good shape. Breakdowns contribute to traffic congestion, so keep your vehicle in good repair to avoid one of the leading cause of breakdowns — overheating. Choose Prestone antifreeze as it works better than any other brand in stopping corrosion that can cause overheating and breakdowns.
  2. Drive wisely. Every time you tap your brakes, all the cars behind you will have to as well. To keep the flow of traffic moving, do your part by maintaining a two to three second gap between vehicles, driving at a constant speed and avoiding frequent lane changes.
  3. Take advantage of technology. Connect to your GPS or a mobile app to get live directions and warnings about accidents and congestion so you can take a smoother, less travelled path. These tools are easy to use and let you add special requests, like avoiding tolls.
  4. Consider alternative work schedules. Does your office allow you to work from home or use flextime? By shifting your start and end times even half an hour or an hour, you can avoid a big chunk of rush hour traffic. And if you can work from home every once in a while, both will help to greatly reduce  your commute time.