(NC) Moving to another country is full of new experiences — including doing your taxes in Canada for the first time. If you need a hand, you can get help from the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.

Run by community organizations with support from the Canada Revenue Agency, the program helps people with modest incomes and simple tax situations do their taxes.

The program is great for beginners, especially for newcomers who don’t yet understand Canada’s tax system. Trained volunteers at free tax clinics can do your taxes using electronic software to make sure the return is completed correctly.

Yan Hu, who emigrated from China and has been using the program for the past few years, says she likes how personal the program feels. She also feels safe knowing that the volunteers know what they’re doing and are happy to help.

Doing your taxes can give you benefits and credits that can make a great difference. The money from these benefits and credits can help you and your family begin your life in Canada.

Find out how you can get help with your taxes online at cra.gc.ca/volunteer.