(NC) Attending a baby shower for a first-time parent? Chances are that your mom friend is probably stressing over what she needs for when baby arrives. When shopping for that perfect shower gift, look for practical items that can help make her new life a little bit easier:

A thermometer: Thermometers are an item that many parents forget to add to their baby registries but will come in handy when their little one comes down with a flu bug. Having the right tools on hand to identify a fever will help soothe a new parent’s worries regarding whether or not a temperature is cause for concern. The Braun no touch and forehead thermometer makes it easy to take a sleeping baby’s temperature and provides a colour-coded reading that factors in baby’s age for clinical accuracy.

Baby bottles. While your mom friend might be looking to exclusively breastfeed, she may later decide to pump or formula feed, or have another care giver feed the baby with a bottle if she goes back to work. Having bottles on hand will also help prevent any late-night meltdowns mom may have when baby refuses to latch or milk supply is running low.

A little something for mom. Once the baby arrives, mom will often be putting baby’s needs before her own. Gift her items that can provide her with easy self-care, like lip balm, hand cream or cozy pajamas. Better yet, promise her some home-cooked meals that you’ll deliver once the baby is born.

A humidifier. The best gift of all for new parents is a newborn that can get a good night’s sleep. The Vicks filter-free cool mist humidifier helps restore essential moisture to any room, keeping baby’s lungs happy and preventing their skin from becoming dry and flaky. Many don’t know that a well-humidified room not only helps with baby’s breathing, but that it’s essential for keeping germs and viruses at bay.