Canada’s 150 years is a rich history chock-full of milestone achievements that leave us with more than 150 reasons to be proud. As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, the nation is bursting at the seams with a mosaic of talents that are renowned around the world. Here’s a look at three Canadian-isms that put the “great” in “great white north.”

Music to the World’s Ears. Canada’s roster of musical talent is indisputable. From rock and roll, to bluegrass, R&B and hip hop, our country continues to export many musicians who have gone on to top national and international charts, breaking records and collecting accolades along the way. Artists like Blue Rodeo, The Tragically Hip, Drake and Justin Bieber make our sounds heard around the world.

Perfect politeness. A study conducted by a group of students at McMaster University in 2016 sought to decipher just how polite we actually are. Researchers compiled and compared millions of geo-tagged tweets from Canada and the United States. between February and October 2015. Their data was then compiled into two separate word bubbles so that the speech and language used in the neighbouring countries could be observed. The more often the word was used, the larger it appeared within the word bubble. Words such as “amazing,” “great” and “beautiful” dominated the Canadian bubble. In comparison, the U.S. bubble featured words that were too offensive to be displayed on the graphic and were blurred out as a result.

Canadian milk. Canada’s dairy farmers are deeply rooted in our history, with some farms even pre-dating the country itself. Using the rich history, knowledge and passion of those who came before them, today’s Canadian dairy farmers continue to innovate and evolve to ensure dairy farming remains a sustainable industry for generations of future Canadians. Upgrades to milking technology, such as automated milking systems, allow cows to be milked whenever they want. Moreover, Canadian milk is free of antibiotic residues and artificial growth hormones, ensuring that Canadian milk is produced in accordance with the highest standards and regulations. It all works to make Canadian quality milk delicious, nutritious and world-class.

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