(NC) Start your reno project in the heart of every home — the kitchen. Here are some top trends designers across the country are loving this year.

Colourful sinks. Use neutral shades for cabinets and make the space pop with a colourful sink. Think bold reds, lively greens or hip oranges to create a statement and kitchen focal point. Apron-front sinks with automated features like a hands-free faucet round out your sink style.

Skylights. Did you know that skylights can deliver two times the amount of daylight compared to vertical windows? Add drama to the hub of your home and eliminate the need to turn on every light during the day with a room-brightening stylish skylight. Good daylight improves health, well-being and performance. Velux programmable skylights not only let in natural light, they give you control to air out your home and keep your kitchen fresh during and after cooking.

Smart storage. Deep drawers outfitted with organizer slots and cabinets with built-in recycling and garbage space are great for maintaining a cleaning and tidy kitchen. Storage walls are also gaining in popularity, with one dedicated wall housing tons of storage room to improve the overall flow of the space.

Mixed countertop materials. Wood is replacing granite, quartz and laminate as the most fashion-forward countertop. Combine this warm, versatile material with cool marble for a contemporary look.

Make your kitchen pop with more daylight using ideas from velux.ca.