It’s the time of year we have been anxiously awaiting — the snow has melted and we can finally enjoy outdoor spring temperatures. As the once frozen ground starts to give way to new growth, the barren state of your garden is likely calling for some inspiration. Follow these tips to create the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of all winter.

Develop a plan. Any great renovation needs a plan. Check out websites, blogs and magazines to find inspiration for the look you want to achieve. There are many online tools and apps that exist as well. Before you make any purchases, measure your space and create a blueprint design incorporating all the elements in your backyard. From flower gardens to patio space, it’s easier to make changes on paper than when you are arm-deep in soil.

Choose materials to make the most of your space. Whether you are working with a small urban balcony or a sprawling suburban backyard, you want to choose the right materials to make the most of your space. Recycled product manufacturers Multy Home and New Rubber Technologies create environmentally friendly products for the home and backyard that are made from recycled tires but do not sacrifice on design. Landscape or balcony tiles, available at your local home improvement store, are easy to install and will make your backyard makeover both quick and sustainable.

Keep your garden blooming. A beautiful garden is not complete without the addition of flowers and greenery. Choose plants that thrive in your space, picking some for sunny and shady spots. If the area is tight, consider creating a container garden using recycled rubber planters. Adding recycled rubber mulch on top of the soil will help keep the roots moist. Work with a gardening expert to find a fertilizer to keep your garden growing all season.

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