(NC) It’s no surprise that Canadian winters can provide drivers with many challenges on the road. Whether it’s heavy snow or slippery ice, weather conditions can change without warning. Few motorists know how to stay safe on winter roads, so here are some helpful tips from Dominic Porporino, vice-president of operations at UPS Canada, where drivers are trained to deal with the worst winter storms.

“Our training helps ensure our drivers master safe driving methods, no matter what road conditions they’re faced with. Safety means everything to us,” explains Porporino. Here are his top tips:

• Winterize your vehicle. Check your fluids and make sure your vehicle has winter tires.

• Minimize distractions. Leave your phone out of reach and map your route in advance.

• Stay on main roads. Snow is often cleared off these roads first.

• Leave plenty of space. It’s ideal to leave at least two car lengths between you and the vehicle ahead.

• Adjust your speed for road conditions. Icy or snowy roads call for slower speeds.

• Check the weather. Keep cool and plan your trip around changing weather patterns and difficult conditions.

• Stay alert. Pack water and snacks to keep you energized for your trip. If you’re feeling too tired, stay at home.