(NC) Fall is back-to-school time, and universities are asking how they can help prepare students for the future.

Ontario’s 21 universities have launched an online quiz that asks students to think ahead to graduation and what skills they think they will need most as they launch their lives and careers.

Is it the ability to think critically? To solve problems? To communicate a clear idea? To take an entrepreneurial approach? Or maybe the most important thing they can pick up at university is the knowledge and technological literacy to adapt to a changing workforce.

“We’re asking students to tell us what they need for the future,” says David Lindsay, president and CEO of the Council of Ontario Universities.

“The future is changing rapidly, and we want to make sure our graduates feel confident about what’s in store for them and their families.”

And it’s not just students universities want to quiz about the future.

They are also asking parents and other Ontario residents to take the online survey so they can tap into their hopes and concerns as well.

There are questions on the survey about whether or not they think the economy will be vibrant, whether the environment will be protected, and whether the arts and cultural scene will be robust.

“We really want to hear from the public about what Ontario needs to ensure a better future so that no one gets left behind in this fast-moving world,” says Lindsay.

The survey can be found at ontariosuniversities.ca. Universities are also launching a conversation on social media @futuringON and #futuring.