(NC) Guarantee yourself an invite to the next dinner party or holiday event by bringing a creative token of appreciation for your hardworking host or hostess. Ditch the traditional bottle of wine and flowers with these unique gifts that encourage enjoying a cozy evening together.

Craft beer glasses. Craft beer keeps trending this holiday season, with the push for local, meticulously brewed beverages stronger than ever. Remember that cool beer glassware is more than an aesthetic consideration — the size, shape, and stem all work together to affect the drink’s taste, carbonation, amount of head (foam), hop oils, and aroma. Choose a mug or stein for stronger ales and lagers, a classic pint glass for lighter beers and blondes, a flute or tulip glass for fruity beers, and a Weizen glass for wheat beers.

Great liquor. You can never go wrong with alcohol, but a variety pack makes sure there’s something for everyone. Try Canadian favourite Granville Island Brewing’s seasonal winter mingler pack, which includes a mix of flavourful ales and lagers that pair perfectly with cool weather comfort foods. Become the favourite guest by bringing two times the booze — one for the party and one for the host to hide and enjoy themselves post cleanup.

DIY coasters. Even the most untested do-it-yourselfer can create an inexpensive gift with a personalized flourish using cork coasters, masking tape, and craft paint. Make stripes or patterns with the tape, paint over the coaster, and remove when dry. You can also try drawing something freehand or use stencils to create initials or designs that match your hostess’ décor, like anchors, birds, or graphic prints.

Mason jar mix. Like all the gifts here, this mason jar mix is perfect for men and women and is a trendier take on the old-fashioned gift basket. Fill a mason jar with trinkets your host will love and tie with a ribbon or rope for a DIY vibe that doesn’t require crafting. It’s also super versatile — stuff it with chocolates, cookies, or spa minis as thanks for a standard dinner invite and add a gift card if you’re staying overnight.